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Flow in to It

By Joseph Nalley

Divine Love and Wisdom

By Emanuel Swedenborg

In addition to discussing the nature of God, Divine Love and Wisdom examines the purpose of creation as well as the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. One of its unusual features is an extended exploration of the way the heart and lungs in the human body relate symbolically to the faculties of love and wisdom in the heart and mind. The most purely philosophical title of Swedenborg’s later theological works, Divine Love and Wisdom is also the one with the strongest affinities to modern secular discourse—that is to say, it develops theological concepts for the most part without reference to the Bible.

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The Ethical Psychopath

By Joseph Nalley

It has been my experience that the title of this book shocks most people when they first hear it. Admittedly, it’s quite easy to label as impudent, purposely disquieting, and possibly even uneducated. I feel that if the reader can look past any initial superficial reactions, they will come to understand the value in the paradoxical term I chose.

My thesis asserts that given there are roughly 5x more psychopaths in the executive world, they must be doing something right.

Clearly, being a “psychopath” is never a desirable life-path, or conscious choice, but upon studying and ultimately reworking Robert Hare’s 20-point psychopathy checklist, I was able to come up with positive analogues.

This book is meant to strip away falsehood, and help the reader find confidence, direction, and inner-balance.

Available January 23, 2020
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